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Work Injury

Around 2.3 million people are injured at work each year. A work injury can change your life. Fortunately, many kinds of work injuries can be treated with non-invasive chiropractic care. At Houma-Thibodaux Spine and Rehabilitation, we have shared the benefits of chiropractic care with residents of Houma, LA, and Thibodaux, LA for many years.


Digital X-Rays

Your chiropractor needs X-rays of your injury to know how best to proceed. X-rays also see how well your injury is healing. Houma-Thibodaux Spine and Rehabilitation offers digital X-rays, which provide accurate pictures of your anatomy in far less time than traditional X-rays.

Spinal Decompression

Many types of pain are caused by nerves getting pressed on by other parts of the anatomy, such as muscles or herniated discs. Getting your spine aligned shifts everything back into the places they were, or even places them in better positions than you had since childhood. Spinal decompression is a gentle way of aligning your spine by stretching your back. It’s especially good for back pain.

Massage Therapy

It’s no secret that a massage feels good. Why is this? We subconsciously tense our muscles when we are in pain. Some muscles will just not relax on their own. They need to be helped. A good massage also stimulates your body into releasing endorphins, which make you feel better. Therapeutic massage can best relax your muscles without aggravating your work injury. Massage therapy is good for all kinds of pain, including that due to a workplace injury.

Dry Needling

Muscles tighten up due to the fibers inside of them. When these fibers become tight, they restrict circulation and cause pain. Dry needling is the technique of helping these trigger points return to a healthy state by the quick insertion and extraction of a thin needle. This is especially good for whiplash, back pain, and pelvic pain caused by workplace injuries.

Corrective Exercises

Your chiropractor will also develop exercises for you to do at home. Believe it or not, complete rest for more than a few days after many types of injuries can do you more harm than good. Your muscles get weak, delaying how quickly your body can heal itself. You need to stay moving to not only heal but regain your strength and range of motion. You may also get exercises on how to improve your posture.

Work Injury Treatment in Houma, LA, and Thibodaux, LA

If you’ve suffered from a work injury and live in the Houma or Thibodaux, LA areas, contact Houma-Thibodaux Spine at (985) 873-8586 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor.