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Hip Pain FAQs

Hip pain is a condition that has become woven into many people's lives throughout the United States. Pain in the hips is something that was once associated with the aging process. However, people of all ages can experience pain in their hips. Our chiropractors here at Houma-Thibodaux Spine & Rehabilitation want people to understand that hip pain is not always the by-product of a medical condition or an injury. Our doctors are committed to providing our patients the care they need for natural relief from their hip pain or discomfort.


What Causes Hip Pain?

Patients often sustain hip injuries due to car accidents, impact during sports, or repetitive motions during activities. For patients over 60, arthritis can affect their hip joint leading to pain or discomfort.  Other medical conditions such as fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis can cause hip pain. Disc disorders in the spine can also lead to hip dysfunction and pain. We usually see patients suffering from hip pain caused by compression of the sciatic nerve, which leads to pain, numbness, and poor function.

What Are the Symptoms of Hip Pain?

Patients who are suffering from hip pain also experience other symptoms throughout the body. Pain can affect either the outside or the inner area of the hip. Stiffness or impairment of mobility in the hip can occur. Back pain and hip pain often occur simultaneously. This is due to nerve compression causing pain or discomfort on one side of the body. Sitting for long periods may aggravate the discomfort, or putting weight on the hip joint when walking may cause pain.  

How Do Chiropractors Treat Hip Pain?

Here in our LA office, the primary goal of our chiropractic team is to understand the source of a patient's pain or discomfort in order to create a personalized treatment plan unique to their needs. One of the things our doctors look for in patients suffering from hip pain is misalignments of the spine. When there is pressure placed on the disc in the spinal column, this can cause debilitating pain. In addition, pressure on the nerves in the spinal column can diminish signals from the brain to other areas of the body and decrease the flow of blood needed to ensure the body functions as it should.

We use spinal adjustments to relieve pressure on the disc and the nerves in the spinal column. Our chiropractors also deploy a combination of chiropractic treatment modalities to alleviate hip pain including, but not limited to hot heat and cryotherapy, dry needling, spinal decompression, exercise therapy, massage therapy, and more.

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Here at Houma-Thibodaux Spine & Rehabilitation in LA, our main goal is to help our patients live the best quality of life they can. Our focus is to educate and teach patients how to live healthier and pain-free lives while providing them with the guidance they need to guard against future injuries caused by poor body mechanics and a sedentary lifestyle. Our chiropractors are highly skilled and dedicated to our mission of helping people live without pain or discomfort during everyday activities. Give our office a call today to see how we can help you resolve your hip pain at (985) 447-2225 for our Thibodaux office or (985) 873-8586 for our Houma office.