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Herniated Disc FAQs

 Lower back pain can be quite debilitating. You may have suffered a herniated disc that leaves you immobile if left untreated. Our staff at Houma-Thibodaux Spine & Rehabilitation will assess the current condition of your musculoskeletal system and provide quality chiropractic care.


Herniated discs are a fairly common injury, but they could lead to chronic pain and body dysfunction if not treated properly. If you live in or around Houma or Thibodaux and are considering chiropractic care to help your herniated disc, contact our team today. Let’s look at a few of the questions that we run into regarding herniated discs.

What is a Herniated Disc?

The discs in your spine provide a cushion between each vertebra. They allow for movement by providing a buffer for compression between the bones in your back. The discs can become misaligned causing a protrusion in the spinal column. This may result in a bulging, herniated, or ruptured disc. A herniated disc can be quite painful when it irritates the surrounding nerves. Furthermore, the injured disc will contribute to the narrowing of your spinal column if left untreated.

What Causes a Herniated Disc?

Several factors can contribute to a herniated disc. Usually, it is from the wear and tear of growing older. Other causes include putting your body through the same repetitive motions for an extended period. Incorrectly lifting and twisting your back in an awkward motion can also result in a herniated disc. A herniated disc will cause chronic pain and possible disability in some patients.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Herniated Discs?

The majority of herniated disc injuries do not require a surgical procedure. Chiropractic care is used to reduce the symptoms of a herniated disc. A treatment plan often involves a chiropractic adjustment followed by a deep tissue massage. Both will reduce the symptoms and severity of your back pain.

Chiropractic adjustments restore the alignment of your spinal column. This is especially helpful when you have a herniated disc. The treatment will help put the disc back into its proper place. The protruding disc irritates your spinal nerves causing pain and discomfort in the region. A series of chiropractic adjustments will help re-establish the positioning of your vertebrae and reduce pressure on the spinal nerves.

Get Treatment for Your Herniated Disc in Houma and Thibodaux, LA

If you are suffering from a herniated disc, you are not alone. Back pain is the most common ailment treated by our chiropractors at Houma-Thibodaux Spine & Rehabilitation. We provide quality chiropractic care to relieve pain and reduce body dysfunction. Call our Thibodaux office today at (985) 447-2225 or our Houma office at (985) 873-8586. You can also reach us through our website by using our online contact form.