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Upper Back Pain

Upper Back Pain: How Our Houma Chiropractor Can Help

From aching to tingling to numbness, upper back pain can take many forms. Upper back pain can also be caused by a variety of different factors, and sometimes may seem to appear for no reason at all. No matter what the cause of your upper back pain, our Houma chiropractor at Houma-Thibodaux Spine & Rehabilitation is here to help. 

upper back pain

Causes Of Upper Back Pain

Sometimes, upper back pain can be traced directly to an aggravating incident, such as a car accident or sports injury. Other times, the cause of upper back pain is more subtle, such as pains caused by sitting in a desk chair all day or maintaining poor posture while driving during a long commute. Regardless of the incident that causes the pain, the result is often the same- tingling, numbness, and dull and/or stabbing pains throughout the upper back and shoulders. While upper back pain is rarely an emergency, the stress it puts on day to day living can cause fatigue, depression, and concentration issues.

Upper Back Pain And Chiropractic Care

A chiropractor is a great resource when it comes to treating upper back pain. Chiropractic care believes in treating the root causes of problems, rather than looking at the body as a collection of symptoms. At your first appointment, our chiropractor will talk with you about your upper back pain. You'll discuss when the pain started, your daily activities, and what lifestyle changes you may be able to make to help treat your pain. Our chiropractor will create a treatment plan that makes sense for your personal needs. We recognize that although two people may experience similar symptoms, no two injuries are exactly the same. 

At your appointment, our chiropractor may ask for your permission to perform your first spinal adjustment. We use gentle pressure to help realign the spine. This process results in nearly instantaneous pain relief for many of our patients. While a one time adjustment can be helpful, it's important to continue with regular chiropractic care so that your injury does not return. Our chiropractor will talk with you about setting up an appointment schedule that makes sense for your personal situation. 

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