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Pinched Nerve Exercises

Pinched Nerve Exercises You Can Try Today

If you have dealt with pinched nerves before or are currently dealing with them right now, you know very well how frustrating they can be. A chiropractor can, however, aid in relieving the pain as well as prescribe some exercises you can do in order to move on with your life without the everpresent pain. In this article, we'll go over some pinched nerve exercises you can try today in order to feel immediate relief. 


Trap Stretch

If you have a pinched nerve, you will probably notice the tightness in your traps or Muscelus trapezius. Exercises that can loosen these muscles can provide you with the relief you need. First, make sure you are positioned properly with your hand on the shoulder you need to stretch and the other on top of your head before you begin the stretch. Once you are positioned well, gently pull your head forward until your chin meets your chest or as far as you can go. Repeat this with your left and right sides for an all-around trap stretch. 

Neck Bend

This is quite helpful for pinched nerves that reside in the neck. While it is like the trap stretch, it does not require you to use your shoulder as leverage during the stretch. Al you will need to do is move your chin down towards your neck, pause, and return to your head to normal, making sure there is a proper alignment with your spine. Do these five to ten times or until you begin to palpably feel relief. 

Head Turn

Performing head turns gently and in a controlled motion can help relieve pressure and lend flexibility to an area where the pinched nerve is prevalent. You'll want to make sure you have a good starting position before you begin the exercise. The starting position should include sitting down with back, head, and neck straightened while looking ahead.

First, you'll want to turn your head to the right and pause before returning to the starting position. Then turn your head to the left, pause, and return to the starting position. Each pause should last around five to ten seconds and should only be done if you do not feel pain. If you begin to feel pain in the area, make sure to stop the exercise and contact your chiropractor. You can also tilt your head up and down as well as side to side with the same five to second pauses and in a controlled motion. 

Shoulder Roll

This can relieve pressure from a pinched nerve due to the connective neck and shoulder tissue. This can be done by lifting the shoulder blades up and rolling them down multiple times forwards and backward until you feel the relief. This should also be done in a controlled motion. 

As you can see, there are many steps you can take to begin feeling relief from a pinched nerve. Doing them in a controlled fashion, with a specific amount of time in between pausing and returning to the base position can lead to a safe exercise as well as relief. 

If you are in the Houma or Thibodaux areas and are experiencing symptoms of a pinched nerve, don't hesitate to reach out to us today.