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Corrective Exercise

A Chiropractor Can Help You Achieve Pain Relief with Corrective Exercises

Your hips and spine are vital for holding your body upright and helping you move with ease. Over time, repetitive movements, carrying heavy weight, and impact take their toll on the body and put it out of alignment. Seeing a chiropractor can help restore alignment, but you may need more than chiropractic therapy. At Houma-Thibodaux Spine & Rehabilitation, we understand how the body can get out of alignment and how corrective exercises continue the work begun in our office. 


What Are Corrective Exercises and How do They Work?

Corrective exercises use biomechanics, physics, and physiology to create exercise routines that help strengthen muscles for better overall support. When your body falls out of alignment, you don't move in a symmetrical motion and your muscles develop unevenly as a result. The muscles on one side of the body lose their tone while the muscles on the other side become stronger and pull the body further out of alignment. Engaging in corrective exercise routines helps even out the muscle strength and provide better support for the afflicted part of the body.

Building Strength for a Better Life

You may think that corrective exercise is similar to going to the gym and circuit training on machines. The fact is, exercise to correct a biomechanical problem can be done at home while lying on the floor or on the bed. Weights are almost never used as the goal isn't to overbuild muscle. Rather, the goal is to bring weak muscles back to normal levels of strength and provide better support to the musculoskeletal system. 

Some exercises include the use of a foam roller or tennis ball to pinpoint a specific group of muscles. Other exercises require the patient to perform a certain type of movement to activate muscles that are underutilized. Stretches are also used to help loosen tight muscles and tendons for better movement. 

Getting More Out of Chiropractic Treatment with Exercises

The work of the chiropractor focuses on bringing the body back into alignment and relieving pressure caused by poor posture, movement, or ongoing physical issues. Engaging in corrective exercises after chiropractic treatment increases the effectiveness of a session. The muscles that were weakened from misalignment can move freely, but they're still weak. Exercising the muscles helps maintain alignment and helps a patient stay pain free for longer. 

Contact Us for More Information About Chiropractic Therapy and Corrective Exercises

Give us a call and make an appointment to see us at Houma-Thibodaux Spine & Rehabilitation clinic. Our chiropractors are capable of assessing your issue, helping you find relief, and which corrective exercises help you continue what we started in the office.